Coming from the colorful streets of Saudi where spices, music and fragrance of Arabian musk permeate the air and golden palm trees decorate the horizon I find myself living in the modern but historical cobbled streets of Europe today.

This unique contrasting life experience has inspired my desire to combine the essence and style of both worlds that are very dear to me. The traditional and heavy embroidered artistic culture of design from Arabia and the classic metropolitan street and edged society of modern Europe are an opportunity to fuse fashion.

Fashion has always been an ultimate art thru which cultures be they aged or modern have expressed their world views and directions. We all recognize it in both past and present. From the early majestic Sultans to the passive resistance and a nonviolent ideology of flower power right down to the melting pot of today’s fusion city streets.

Chiba fashion is really all about feeling comfortable in a constantly getting smaller world. Cultures, language, norms and values are now more than ever mixed in a single space. It’s time we get comfortable with it as it is. Let’s keep things real. Everyone needs a break. A break to be comfortable being you, me and or the other. Access to self-expression thru fashion to me means working on designs that enable you, me and or the other to bridge the worlds of brands beyond the reach and the overlooked clothing we set aside.
Being in the middle is really being nowhere.